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Publish your own Media

Publish your own Media

With the widespread adoption of 4K TVs, mobile phones and video conferencing, content owners and businesses need a new way to stream HD, 4K or VR media directly to wireless phones and tablets, personal computers and HDMI displays. Adding integrated Pay-to-View & Media Analytics options enables new revenue and presentation opportunities for your organization.

Cloud based Distribution

Until now, delivery of high quality HD, 4K or VR for entertainment or presentations has required a significant infrastructure; a dedicated fast IP network link, creating a player app to publish additional content, integrating Pay-to-View and Controlled Access and Billing services, with a risk of losing brand integrity between invitation, presentation and call to action activities. webLinkVR solves all of these issues with a universal web based publishing service that meets your specific need.

Cloud based Distribution


Our webLinkVR services let you target audiences via standard messaging methods like e-Mail, SMS text, Web sites and Social Media; as well as from within video conferencing. It streams HD, 4K or VR content over any cellular, wireless or wired network to display devices including cell phones and tablets, computers and HDMI displays; reporting viewership results and distributing any collected Pay-to-View fees.

Designed to operate as a “white label” solution, webLinkVR provides all the tools you need to establish your own high quality revenue generating entertainment or video presentation Content Distribution Network.

Web Portal Publisher

Upload your HD, 4K or VR media via our browser based publishing interface, then add identifying images and any rules for your content availability and its pricing.

The webLinkVR servers create dynamic media links to embed in websites, Social Media posts, HTML email, SMS text, or video conference sessions and encode multiple IP network compatible video streams for delivery via our Cloud based Content Distribution Network.

Web Portal Publisher

Multi-Video Streaming

weblinkVR iPhone Magic Window GUI

HD Cinematic or Interactive 2D-VR

weblinkVR iPhone Stereoscopic GUI

Immersive 3D-VR

IP Video Streaming


Dynamic IP video streaming allows the webLinkVR servers to stream HD, 4K or VR content over any available WAN, LAN, WiFi or cellular network. Spcific streams for each display device means we send the minimum data needed to ensure the highest quality HD Cinematic, interactive 2D-VR or immersive 3D-VR experience for your phone, tablet, personal computer or HDMI based television or projector.

Consistent Branding

After viewing the HD, 4K or VR content, your audience can be automatically re-directed to a definable website location for follow up call-to-action, e-commerce purchase transactions or linking back to a video conference session.

This provides audiences with a consistent brand experience across all marketing, presentation and call to action steps, so you never lose control to 3rd party social media sites. Billing and Analytics reports provide detailed insight of impressions and other key business metrics.

Consistent Branding

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